May 12, 2020

When Should You Replace Your Trailer’s Brakes?

When Should You Replace Your Trailer’s Brakes?

Trailers that are equipped to haul the heaviest loads are commonly equipped with their own braking systems. This supplements the tow vehicle and allows it to safely stop and navigate traffic without potentially overheating or putting excessive load on its brakes.

Much like automobiles, trailers are available with both drum-type and disc-type braking systems, but knowing when to replace them is not simply a matter of how many kilometers you’ve covered.

Trailer brakes should be replaced in a similar fashion to that of a car or truck. When performance begins to suffer or adjusting the brakes does not help and there are no other issues causing a decrease in performance, it’s time to replace the trailer’s braking system.

Your specific application, loads, driving styles, and even where you live have an effect on how quickly your trailer’s brakes will need to be replaced. A rule of thumb is to inspect or have your brakes adjusted every 500 kilometers, or when there is a change in brake performance.

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