September 8, 2020

Keep your trucks moving with these simple tips for truckers.

What Spare Parts Should a Trucker Carry With Them?

Experienced truckers undoubtedly know what kind of challenges they may face when on the road. Especially the long haul truck drivers. New drivers may not have this valuable experience as yet. What is essential to know is what spare parts they should carry with them in the event of a breakdown.

Every truck has some differences to it, and a newer vehicle is less likely to cause problems than an older one. Also, each trucker has their own level of expertise that would allow them to replace a part if necessary. So, there is not one specific list, but many lists that each individual trucker may feel is essential.

  • Parts: Some of the everyday items that many truckers will carry are a spare alternator, an extra fuel filter, additional heater hose, electrical wire and connectors, baling wire, tandem hose spring, brake line kit and various nuts and bolts.
  • Consumables: These types of trucks rely on different kinds of products that need to be replaced continuously. If the trucker is travelling in the middle of the night and runs out of these, they cannot just pull over and wait till morning to get what they need. They will often carry some of these items which are antifreeze, washer fluid, brake cleaners and some spray lubricator.
  • Tools: Some standard tools can really come in handy during a breakdown. It can mean that the trucker can fix a small problem themselves and not have to wait for roadside assistance. Some of the standard tools are a wrench set, screwdrivers, small sledgehammer, crowbar, impact gun, perhaps a propane torch and a variety of small hand tools.

What tools and supplies are carried are going to depend on the expertise of the driver of the trucks and what they are willing to do.


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