a complete bonding and riveting reline service (or a combination of both) for all your brake & clutch components
February 16, 2021

Brake Drum Skimming and Relining East London

Brake Drum Skimming and Relining East London

Our staff will assess your drum and skim it according to how much needs to be taken off and then reline the shoes according to the drum size.

It is extremely important to bring your drum and shoes in at the same time to skimmed and relined to make sure your truck runs efficiently.

Supreme Truck and Trailer uses Rivets and adhesive to ensure the bond to the brake shoe lasts the full life of the lining without failure.


Relining of brake shoe:

Definition of a brake lining: Brake linings are composed of relatively soft but tough and heat-resistant material with a high coefficient of dynamic friction typically mounted to a solid metal backing using high-temperature adhesives or rivets.

How do you know when brake relining is needed: When the lining is worn out, the backing or rivets will contact the drums during braking, often causing damage requiring re-machining (skimming) or replacement of the drums. An annoying squeal caused by the warning tang is designed as a typical audible alert that the pads need to be replaced; some vehicles may also have electrical brake wear indicators. If the squeal or wear indicator is ignored for too long, drum damage (usually accompanied by an unpleasant grinding sound or sensation) together with degraded braking capacity will be the result.

The brake lining may also become contaminated by oil or leaked brake fluid. Typical symptoms will be brake chatter, where the pads vibrate as the lining grabs and releases the rotor’s surface. The solution is to repair and clean the source of the contamination, replace the damaged pads and possibly also have the rotors re-skimmed or replaced if they are damaged.


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